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Walk down the aisle of any grocery store or convenience store, and you will see brightly colored packages of a huge variety of different foods. But before that food can be sent to the consumer, or even packaged, it must be processed using high quality food preparation equipment, such as that provided by Shandong Xindaxin Food Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. For more than 15 years, Xindaxin has been a leading Chinese manufacturer of food processing equipment, and when you work with us, we are providing you with the highest quality possible in equipment for processing, product handling, packaging, and inspection. We are committed to providing each customer with the best service possible, before, during and after the sale.

From metal sheets to state of the art finishing, Xindaxin has a variety of fabrication machines for the production of food industry equipment, including laser cutting machine and digital banding machine. Along with each piece of equipment, we provide equipment demonstrations, engineering and application assistance, installation, training, and expert service and parts support-no matter where your facility is located. Whether you need one machine, or a complete line, we will design and build the equipment to deliver the most reliable and efficient performance.

What We Do
Food Processing and Packaging System
With a wide range of equipment, and over 15 years of experience, Xindaxin is capable of providing customized, individual pieces of machinery, or unique, turnkey production lines according to customer requirements, while utilizing single source responsibility.

Potato chip system
French fry system
Chicken nugget, bone-in chicken, burger patty system
Packaging system
Inspection system
Product handling system

To achieve our goals, we manage production lines in the following locations:

Facility Name Major Operation
XINGXUDONG Machinery Co., Ltd (Zhucheng) Manufacture:
Fryer System
Boiler System
Oven system
Products Handling Equipment
XINDAXIN Food Equipment Co., Ltd (Zhucheng) Manufacture:
Quick Freezer
Packing Equipment
Food Inspection Equipment
BOKANG Machinery Co., Ltd (Zhucheng) Manufacture:
Forming system
XINDAXIN Demonstration Center (Jinan) Manufacture:
Extruder system
XINDAXIN Weighing System Co., Ltd (Suzhou) Manufacture:
Weighing and Packing Equipment

Mission Statement
Be honest and credible
The measure of our success is your success
Our customers are also our partners
Serving customers is our principle, and customer requirements are our power to grow

Privacy Statement
Xindaxin will not sell, rent, trade, or share your contact information with any third party or partner

1998: Oil-water mixing technology for use in a fryer system was introduced by Mr. Zhu to China.
1999: Xinxudong Machinery Co., Ltd. (Zhucheng) was founded. The first batch fryer using the oil- water mixing technology started running in a customer’s plant.
2006: According to customer requirements, we built the first french fry deep frying machine in China, with an output capacity of 1,000kg/hour.
2008: Bokang Machinery Co., Ltd. (Zhucheng) was established, focusing on the manufacturing of forming machinery, bread and batter applicators.
2009: The Packing Machinery Division was setup. The first VFFS was built for potato chips.
2011: Xindaxin Weighing System Co., Ltd (Suzhou) was founded, and a 10 head combination weigher for snack foods was introduced in China.
2012: With the help of Eng. Sun and his 12 years experience before joining Xindaxin, the Quick Freezer Division was setup. This same year, Xindaxin became fully capable of building A to Z equipment for French fries.
2013: Xindaxin’s fryer systems till now are operating in the United Kingdom, Italy, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, India, Phillipines, Australia and the United States of America.

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Shandong XINDAXIN Food Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd.

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