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Food Preparation Equipment

    1. Bubble Vegetable Washing Machine The multi-cleaning process using the bubble vegetable washing machine includes bubble cleaning, brushing, removal of floating dirt, and spray raining.
    1. Peeler / Washer / Scrubber The peeling, washing and scrubbing machine is widely used for peeling and washing carrots, potatoes, and taros. The rolling brushes push the vegetables forward, into a high pressure spray washing system inside the machine.
    1. French Fry Cutter The 700 x 600mm compact design saves factory floor space, and works both individually or connected to a french fry production line.
    1. Patty / Nugget Forming Machine We manufacture a full range of equipment for burger patties (both meat and vegetable types), chicken nuggets, hash browns, and pies.
    1. Batter Applicator The batter applicator is used to batter prepared food using a spray head and transferring food through a batter tank. This evenly and fully applies the batter to any food product.
    1. Preduster A predusting machine is used to supply starch or other pre-mixed powders to prepared food. The prepared food moves through the powder curtain and powder tank, gaining an even coating.
    1. Seasoning Tumbler The seasoning machine can be installed in an automatic production line, or work as a stand-alone station. The double drum structure is extremely well suited for oil spraying and seasoning, while the stainless steel SUS304 structure is easy to clean.