Food Powdering Machine / Prepared Food Dusting Machine / Food Dusting Machine

  • Preduster

Typical Application

  • Fried chicken
  • Hash browns
  • Tempura prawn

Product Details

  • Control panel
  • Powder supply provided by a roller
  • Belt

A predusting machine is used to supply starch or other pre-mixed powders to prepared food. The prepared food moves through the powder curtain and powder tank, gaining an even coating. The roller type applicator is designed for smaller pieces of food, thus delivering a greater productivity. The modular design reduces cleaning down time, and with its stainless steel SUS304 and food grade PVC construction, meets HACCP standards.


Model Belt width Power Dimension
SFJ-200 200mm 0.98kw 1730*650*1480mm
SFJ-400 400mm 2.9kw 2700*850*2150mm
SFJ-600 600mm 2.9kw 2655*1030*2150mm
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