Batter Applicator

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Typical Applications

  • Fried chicken
  • Hash browns
  • Tempura prawn

Product Details

  • Model 200
  • Batter feeding pump
  • Belt

The batter applicator is used to batter prepared food using a spray head and transferring food through a batter tank. This evenly and fully applies the batter to any food product. The modular design of the breading machine reduces washing time, and is built using stainless steel SUS304 and food grade PVC.


Model SJJ400 SJJ600
Speed range of conveyor belt 3-15m/min variable frequency speed control
Input height 1050±50mm
Output height 1050±50mm
Power 2.6kw
Belt width 400mm 600mm
Overall dimension 2100×835×1450mm 2100×1035×1450mm
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