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Prepared Food Boiler

Meat Ball Boiling Machine / Seafood Boiling Machine / Soybean Boiling Machine

Typical Application

  • Squid
  • Crab
  • Broad bean
  • Soybean
  • Mushroom

Product Details

By using our fryer system technology with its precise temperature control, the prepared food boiler provides a stable performance for all of its food processing applications. The belt speed is adjustable, the machine is easy to start, and maintenance is quick and easy.

The size of the boiling tank can be customized according to the food requirements, and heating methods include electronic or gas.

We design and produce complete solutions for:
1. Fish ball and meat ball production lines
2. Instant noodle production lines

Shown here are two fish ball production lines that are ready to be shipped to our customer in Thailand. The capacity of each line is 100kg/hour.

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