Oven Cooking Line

Electric Oven Cooking Line / Gas Oven Cooking Line / Bread and Rice Oven Cooking Line

Typical Application

  • Bread crumbs
  • Muesli
  • Rice snacks
  • Pet food
  • Seeds and nuts

Product Details

The oven cooking line features a multi-layer belt, a precise temperature control in the multi-heating chamber, and all food products on the belt are cooked in a uniform manner.
The fully stainless steel design is easy to clean.
The cooking time is adjustable from 2-20 minutes, with an adjustable temperature of 250°C.
The heating method options include electric or gas.

We design and provide complete solutions for:
1. Roasted nut production line
2. Bread crumb production line
3. Breakfast cereal, flake and muesli production line

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