Batch Fryer

Nut Deep Frying Machine / Oil Removing Batch Frying Machine /Batch Deep Frying Machine

Typical Application

The batch fryer is used for frying nuts, and features an oil removal function for frying almonds, peanuts, cashews and other nut types.

Output capacity: 300kg/hour

Product Details

  • Stirrer
  • Full welding and polished
  • Friendly HMI

Manual fryer for smaller productivity
The customized blender improves the frying quality
Put the product in, and pull it out using a motorized handle with a gearbox.
An optional automatic oil removal function is available.


Model Heating Method Outer dimensions (L x W x H) Frying chamber dimensions (L x W x H)
XDF-1200X1200 Electric, 60kw 1360x1360x1250 1200x1200x450
XDF-1200X1200 Conduction oil 1360x1360x1350 1200x1200x450
XDF-1500X1500 1660x1650x1350 1500x1500x450
XDF-1200X1200 Fire coal 1400x1400x1350 1200x1200x480
XDF-1500X1500 1700x1700x1350 1500x1500x480

* Heating methods include electric, gas, fire coal or conduction oil.

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