Vibrating De-Oiling Machine

Vibrating Oil Removal Machine / Oil Drying Machine / Oil Removal Food Processing Machine

Banana chips

Typical Applications
The vibrating de-oiling machine is an ideal piece of accessory food processing equipment used to remove oil or water from food through a vibrating process. Following this, the vibrating oil removal machine can also, as an optional additional function, carry out frying or water cleaning.

Full stainless steel construction
Reliable, waterproof and easy to clean motor with less noise
Additional functions, including air blowing or water spraying are available upon request


Model Dimensions (mm) Power consumption
ZDJ-2000 2200(L) x 600(W) x 800(H) 0.75Kw / 380V 3phase
ZDJ-3000 3200(L) x 600(W) x 800(H) 0.75Kw / 380V 3phase
Customized size is available
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